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Nissan Air Conditioning Repair

To point out all the possible reasons for faulty A/C systems would take too much scrolling. With that said, you can rest easy knowing your Nissan air conditioning repairs can be handled swiftly at our shop.

McCullough Auto Care has over 50 years experience in A/C repair. Our technicians perform routine inspections to pinpoint problem spots. From there, we repair the issue specific to manufacturer recommendations. 

We are conveniently located at 5810 Roswell Road in North Atlanta, off of 285.

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BMW Air Conditioning Repair

Signs Your Nissan Needs Air Conditioning Repair

Use the following signs to help determine if your Nissan needs air conditioning repair service.

  1. Air conditioner only blows hot air. There are several reasons why your A/C may be blowing hot air. The most common, and least expensive, is a lack of coolant. Coolant causes the air in your system to run cold. Another reason for hot air could be due to mold or mildew built up in the system’s evaporator. We can quickly fix the issue at our shop.

  2. Air conditioner blows cold are sporadically. Over time you’ll be able to notice if your system slowly blows warm air. A lack of coolant or a broken part can lead to a decline in cold air performance. Our technicians inspect the entire A/C system to determine problem areas. Once found, we will fix the issue.

  3. Air conditioner makes unusual noises. Air conditioning systems are not noisy by nature. In fact, they are designed to be quiet. Noise and squealing may be result of a faulty compressor. The compressor is what pressurizes the coolant so it is able to flow properly through the vents. With normal use, the system will need maintenance to fix any loose parts over time. Consider having your system inspected with every oil change.

  4. Air conditioner emits strange odor. All things considered, the air coming from your Nissan should not smell bad. Musty smelling air could be result of an old air cabin filter. These filters are cheap to replace and is an easy preventative measure to take. Another cause for foul odors could be mold and mildew. Built up in your system, these microorganisms can grow and produce odors you’ll want to have taken care of. 

Our ACE-Certified Technicians can determine the root cause and give your system new life, no matter your A/C issue.

A/C Refrigerant Recharge Service

Refrigerant is responsible for cooling the air inside your Nissan. If there is none, there is no cold air. To explain in a more simpler manner, air will still blow out – it just wont be cold. If you’re experiencing warm forced air through your vents, it could be because of a low amount of coolant in the system, or even a leak.

We offer am AC recharge service for Nissan owners. The process is simple. Firstly, we drain the system of all existing refrigerant. After, we replenish the air conditioning system with fresh refrigerant to ensure the issue is not due to a lack of coolant. Lastly, we inspect the temperature control and pressure systems to make sure all the parts are working as they should.

We also determine if there is a leak anywhere within the system. If spotted, at this instant we will explain what a proper fix will entail and outline next steps to you.

Nissan Air Conditioning Repair

List Of Air Conditioning Repair Services

  • AC Diagnosis
  • Compressor Replacement
  • Condenser Replacement
  • Evaporator Replacement
  • Evaporator Temperature Sensor Replacement
  • Expansion Valve Replacement
  • Receiver Drier Assembly Replacement
  • Refrigerant Recover
  • Refrigerant Refresh
  • System Leak Inspection