McCullough NAPA Auto Care

Ignition Coil Testing

NAPA Auto RepairThe purpose of an ignition coil is to provide the high voltage shock needed to fire your spark plugs.  Without a functioning ignition coil, there’s a chance you may experience some of the following.

If your ignition coil isn’t working properly, chances are your engine won’t be either. Common problems that occur with a faulty ignition coil are engine performance problems, such as misfires, loss of power, or the vehicle not starting.  You may even notice the “check engine light” on your dashboard, should there be an issue with your ignition coil.

Our ACE certified technicians are able to test your ignition coil to see if it is working properly as part of an engine diagnostic.  Before deducing that your vehicle may have an engine problem, we check to see if there is a problem with the vehicle’s ignition coil, which could result in a much cheaper fix.  We have special equipment that will show if the vehicle’s internal computer is able to send a message to the ignition coil.  Depending on the result, our technicians will continue their diagnostic accordingly until the error is resolved.