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Chevrolet Air Conditioning Repair

A broken or faulty A/C system is not something any Chevy owner wants to go at alone. When you need Chevrolet air conditioning repair, McCullough Auto Care has years of experience auto AC systems. Conveniently located at 5810 Roswell Road in North Atlanta, we’re a short drive off of 285.

We train our technicians to thoroughly inspect and fix A/C problems specific to manufacturer recommendations.

BMW Air Conditioning Repair

Signs Your Chevrolet Needs Air Conditioning Repair

Aside from not blowing cool air, there are a number of possible causes for faulty air conditioning. Use the following signs to help determine if your Chevrolet needs service.

  1. Air conditioner only blows hot air. This may seem like a no-brainer, of course. But sometimes the most obvious signs are the clearest. Several factors could lead to a lack of cold air flow. Depleted refrigerant is the most common and cheapest fix. Additionally, mold or mildew in the system’s evaporator could prevent air from reaching the vents.

  2. Air conditioner blows cold are sporadically. If you use your air conditioning frequently, chances are you’ll be able to tell when it’s not performing at it’s best. A broken part or lack of coolant can lead to a lack in performance. With so many variables at play, we inspect the entire A/C system to locate the problem and only fix what’s necessary. You won’t pay for service you don’t need.

  3. Air conditioner makes unusual noises. Air conditioning systems are designed to be quiet. A faulty compressor can lead to an increase in squealing. The compressor makes  sure the coolant is pressurized and is able to flow properly through the vents. Standard wear and tear effects a compressor over time. This normal use may be the cause for noisy rattling or grinding.

  4. Air conditioner emits strange odor. Simply put, the air coming from your Chevy’s vents should not smell bad. An old air cabin filter often leads to bad smells. Filters are easy and cheap to replace. For the same reason, mold and mildew may also be responsible for producing foul odors.

Our ACE-Certified Technicians can determine the root cause and give your system new life, no matter your A/C issue.

A/C Refrigerant Recharge Service

Refrigerant is the chemical responsible for cooling the air inside your Chevrolet. Cars without refrigerant aren’t able to produce cold air. Air will still blow out, it will just be warm. If you’re experiencing hot forced air from the vents, it could be because your car lacks the coolant. Alternatively, there may be a leak in your system.

We offer an AC recharge service for Chevrolet owners. The process is simple. First, we drain the air conditioning system of all existing refrigerant. Secondly, we replenish the system with fresh coolant to ensures that there is some inside the system. Most of the time this will solve the issue.

We also inspect your Chevy’s temperature control and pressure systems to make sure all the parts are working as they should. We’ll determine if any of these parts are causing a leak At this instant, we will explain what a proper fix will entail and outline next steps to you.

Chevrolet Air Conditioning Repair

List Of Air Conditioning Repair Services

  • AC Diagnosis
  • Compressor Replacement
  • Condenser Replacement
  • Evaporator Replacement
  • Evaporator Temperature Sensor Replacement
  • Expansion Valve Replacement
  • Receiver Drier Assembly Replacement
  • Refrigerant Recover
  • Refrigerant Refresh
  • System Leak Inspection

We Service More Than Chevrolet Brakes

We’re not just a brake shop. We’re a full service Chevrolet repair shop in Atlanta, capable of way more than brake replacement. We use only original equipment and factory grade parts for all Chevy services and repairs. We don’t cut corners with our parts or our service. Each Chevrolet that comes through our garage receives professional, quality care from a certified technician.

Our cutting edge diagnostic equipment allows us pinpoint problem areas quickly. This eliminates guess work and gets you back behind the wheel fast. We value your time as an individual. This makes us want to do a proper job the first time, every time.

We also offer a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty. Click here to see full list of Chevrolet services.